Yellow Pine

Pinus spp.

Heartwood varies from light yellow/orange to reddish brown or yellowish brown. Sapwood is light tan to yellowish white. Sometimes flooring is ‘distressed’ to create an antique look.

Closed, with high figuring. Patterns range from clear to knotty.

Longleaf pine (P. palustris), shorleaf pine (P. echinata), loblolly pine (P. aeda), and slash pine (P. elliottii) all have may of the same characteristics as Douglas fir. Old-growth lumber in these varieties has substantially higher density and is more stable than second-growth material.

May be difficult to stain. To reduce the wood’s tendency to repel finish coats, surface resins may be removed with a 100% pure (not recycled) solvent that is compatible with the finish to be used. Do not use water.

North America

Easily available.

Source: National Wood Flooring Association